PLM thrive as healthcare market enters period of change

PLM Communications, established by former InHealth Marketing Director Nick Mayhew, has experienced an exceptional first six months trading. Since leaving InHealth to start PLM, Mayhew has supported clients as the sector enters a period of unrelenting change fuelled by new legislation.

Commenting on these changes, Mayhew added: “I believe the opportunities that exist are extremely interesting but not without their challenges. Following the White Paper, social marketing and reputation management are increasingly important, particularly for the independent sector as GP consortia emerge as commissioners. With the Private Income Cap also being removed, Foundation Trusts are looking to identify new opportunities and revenue streams.

Mayhew also believes that relevant experience within the NHS plays a key role when planning and implementing strategies effectively: “After working in both the NHS and independent sector, including launching and managing the marketing for London NHS Diagnostic Service, I acknowledge the many complexities and dynamics that exist in primary care. The ability to recognise and accept this can be the difference between success and failure.”