Latest developments at Google

The times they are a changing, Steve Lee, Head of Data

Google is increasingly impacting all of our lives and as a result, healthcare marketers will be able to take a far more forensic approach to digital activity through the next manifestation of Google analytics – the Google 360 suite. This tool will enable us to look in much greater detail and offer real precision around targeting and reporting. It offers greater understanding into areas including behavioural insights, segmentation, campaign evaluation and mixed-channel attribution models.

Media Operations Analyst, Steve Lee, looks in detail at what these changes will offer.

Google recently announced a full suite of integrated analytics and marketing tools to empower marketers and analysts; a much needed answer in a world where data management is an integral part of developing organisations. The suite will contain six Google services integrated into one single platform.

Designed to give users the capability to discover more opportunities to reach audiences in the moments that matter during the customer decision journey, the suite will provide insights (not just more data), enable better sharing within organisations and supply engaging experiences to the right audiences.

BETA versions of some of the new suite tools will be rolled out in 2016, with a new look and new capabilities, and there will also be changes to current product names too.

So what’s new in the 360 Suite?

There’s six platforms in total within the suite, four of which are new and three are currently in BETA. These include:

Google Optimise 360 (BETA) which will allow for marketers to A/B test to discover content which best suits their audiences. Google has promised a service which will make site-wide content optimisation more efficient and will deliver the ability to quickly discover useful behavioural insights that will help towards designing a superior customer experience.

Google Audience Centre 360 (BETA) will help assist media teams to discover valuable audiences and target them with the right message in the right moment. The system will offer full integration with Google’s AdWords, DoubleClick products and additional third-party DSP platforms, giving the user the ability to upload audience data and use it for smarter bidding and tailoring strategies.

Google Data Studio 360 (BETA) is Google’s effort to provide a fully integrated reporting and dashboarding system which will help deliver insights quickly and effectively across organisations. Integration includes data stored within BigQuery, Google Sheets and external CSVs. Google has not yet specified what other third-party data can be linked with the system but has mentioned that integration of other data sources is possible.

Google Tag Manager 360, previously known as simply ‘Tag Manager’, won’t undergo any major functionality changes, but will be available for integration with the 360 suite giving organisations easy access to quickly error check live tracking campaigns.

Google Analytics 360, as expected, will be the pivotal tool within the suite to fully understand all touch-points of the customer journey.

Google Attribution 360, previously known as Adometry, is designed to help understand the customer journey through various mixed-channel attribution models, letting users analyse spends and ROI across all offline and online channels.

Tackling big data

As digital media evolves it is clear big data poses huge capability issues when integrating systems. Without this technology, marketers will spend more time collating large datasets than understanding meaning and drawing useful insight. It’s now time for tech providers to react to this growing need. As the number of connected devices is growing with the ‘Internet of Things’, marketers will need greater means of being able to translate this data into decisions.