Our Approach

With the 44 STPs now published, we have started to see the re-engineering of pathways to facilitate the new models of care. Also, with greater collaboration amongst local service leaders and further investment to fund more integration in the mixed economy model, primary care is starting to work at scale. As a result, there is a clearer understanding of the future opportunities for all healthcare providers.

Building relationships with primary and secondary care or directly with patients and stakeholders is a highly specialised and complex area.  In depth knowledge of the sector is essential.

At Healthi,  we have all worked in healthcare for a wide range of commercial and NHS organisations and have developed methodologies that result in highly focused strategies and campaigns.  We ensure that our clients services are aligned to the current and emerging needs of the market in which they operate and then execute campaigns that work.


Our marketing specialisms

  • Building relationships with  NHS commissioners

    Marketing to the NHS and building relationships, whether with primary or secondary care, is a highly specialised area and requires an in depth knowledge of the sector and its many idiosyncrasies.

  • Building brands

    We have a robust brand development programme tailored towards the healthcare sector. We understand the sector extremely well and aim to define and develop a compelling brand positioning platform. We agree the objectives and scope of the project. We then take you through a series of workshops, research and creative phase to ensure your brand has real impact.

  • Gaining a position of leadership and alignment with the NHS

    The sector will  start to evolve significantly with the impact of STPs. There is now a greater need to create a position of leadership and to clearly differentiate from competitors in an increasingly crowded market. Healthi has significant experience of developing and delivering thought leadership programmes for a range of clients.


  • Encouraging and supporting behavioral change amongst patients

    Creating strong and new relationships with patients/carers and family members can be challenging. Highly targeted and relevant communications and marketing is now more important than ever.


  • Developing a strong digital presence

    Building websites for healthcare organisations is a specialist area that requires an in-depth knowledge of the sector. We take clients through workshops, customer/stakeholder research and competitor analysis. Then we couple it with our own extensive market knowledge to ensure all digital platforms resonate with your audiences.

  • Service line development and marketing

    Having a methodology that assesses which services and products are right to be taken to a broader audience can be highly complex. We have worked with a number of clients to implement a process that allows clients to review services against certain patient criteria. The outcomes are mapped against potential market size, value as well as demographic modelling software. The information given allows us to target those stakeholders most likely to engage with the service.

  • Marketing and building relationships with primary care

    GP Federations, GPs and PMs are swamped with collateral, cold calls and new initiatives from a whole new range of potential suppliers, so developing relationships is becoming increasingly difficult.  We help our clients gain cut through by understanding their drivers and challenges. This can be the difference between success and failure.


  • Social media/marketing campaigns

    Patients using social media to understand their healthcare choices are increasing. By effectively engaging people through social media platforms we have supported clients in ensuring patients find the right information online.

  • Generating PPU income

    Working with Guy's and St Thomas', UCLH and InHealth,  we have gained extensive experience developing and implementing private patients programmes.


  • Supporting NHS Trusts, CCGs and GP Federations

    We have worked with a number of  Trusts, CCGs and GP Federations, supporting new initiatives such as websites, tenders, submissions, branding programmes and patient engagement initiatives.

    Most recently working with a leading Prime Ministers Challenge Fund pilot, we have gained significant public awareness of the new extended hours programme by using a range of innovative marketing programmes including social media and media relations.

  • Patient engagement and research programmes

    NHS Choices, FFT and Healthwatch have been introduced to make the healthcare  more accountable to patients. As a consequence, organisations need to work harder to encourage individuals to choose them as their preferred healthcare providers. This means the need to research, engage and actively seek feedback that informs service design has become extremely important. Healthi has managed workshops, forums and engagement sessions (both off and on-line) as well as a number of equality and diversity programmes for both primary and secondary care.

  • Winning referrals through the re-emergence of AQP

    With the re-emergence of AQP,  the decision to extend the choice of providers will now rest entirely with CCGs and increasingly with GP Federations. The need to gain a thorough understanding of the essential qualification criteria is now more important than ever, as is the need to start developing relationships and understanding key stakeholder needs.

Client Testimonial

Nick and his team delivered a highly effective campaign that informed and guided our corporate positioning strategy. I highly recommend Healthi to any forward-looking healthcare organisations.

Alison Sail, Head of Marketing, Nottingham CityCare Partnership

Client Testimonial

We selected Nick and his team because they combined a thorough knowledge of the healthcare market, in particular the public sector. They also brought a broad skill set from working in the commercial sector.

Alan Gavurin, Head of Business Development, Fulcrum Infrastructure Management

Client Testimonial

Having worked in healthcare for many years, it has been hugely refreshing to work with an agency that really understands the sector and has the knowledge and experience to hit the ground running.

Graeme Cleland, Managing Director, Taurus Healthcare Ltd

Client Testimonial

Healthi have supported us from concept stage right through to service delivery. We have been utterly reliant on the team to support us with commercial planning, brand, digital and social. Just a great bunch and I would thoroughly recommend.

Paul Rollinson, Marketing Director, Primary Group Holdings

Client Testimonial

Nick and the planning team at Healthi worked closely with the board at Scribetech to develop a brand strategy that reflected our strengths and market need. In Healthi, we have found a commercially focused marketing agency that really understands the healthcare sector and delivers results.

Shiraz Austin, Managing Director, Scribetech

Client Testimonial

Nick gave us a real insight into some of the challenges facing the healthcare sector. He worked with our team to prepare a marketing strategy that realigned our service proposition to meet the needs of our customers.

Kate Bucknall, Senior Manager, Healthcare Partnerships, Boston Scientific

Client Testimonial

Nick and his team at Healthi have been an invaluable resource in helping us develop and implement marketing strategies that maximise on the emerging opportunities in the healthcare market.  This has been completed effectively both corporately and for individual therapy areas.


Diane Gray, Chief Operating Officer, Baywater Healthcare