Healthi : Healthcare Marketing and Communications Agency

Healthi is a specialist healthcare marketing consultancy, established by people who are immersed in the health economy. With increasingly varied audiences, we help UK and International clients drive change and ensure their brand and marketing activities meet current and emerging need.

We have created a joint venture partnership with Home Digital. This will give our clients exclusive access to the largest permissioned email database in the UK – totalling over 400,000 HCPs via the Data4NHS Online Directory. This will provide us with unrivalled access to HCPs across Primary and Secondary Care as well as those responsible for Commissioning via their NHS Inbox.

We are part of the HOME Group, the UK’s leading independent marketing agency and offer a unique mixture of expert healthcare knowledge and marketing know-how.


Why Healthi?
Nick Mayhew talks about Healthi and the healthcare industry
Sarah Purcell on why a brand is important in healthcare
Lawrence Alexander on the impact of digital strategy
Independent Marketing

Building relationships with NHS commissioners

Marketing to the NHS and building relationships, whether with primary or secondary care, is a highly specialised area and requires an in depth knowledge of the sector and its many idiosyncrasies.

Encouraging and supporting behavioural change

Creating strong commercial relationships with NHS organisations and gaining traction can be extremely complex.  Developing new relationships with healthcare consumers can be equally challenging. Highly targeted and relevant communications and marketing is now more important than ever.

Supporting a range of clients

We have worked with clients in various sectors including Health TECH, consumables and device suppliers, diagnostic providers, consortiums of healthcare professionals, private equity firms, professional services, community services and property businesses.

Our Clients